Kyle Cragle – Performer Spotlight

Victoria Toscano

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Muscle memory takes over as Kyle Cragle methodically balances on one hand, gracefully moving his body, and awing the audience. 5,500 pairs of eyes observed his first live performance. Now, he is an official part of Cirque du Soleil history.

Kyle, as a six year old at Summer camp, uncovered his natural talent for gymnastics – he was VERY flexible. There, Kyle was recruited to be part of a competitive gymnastics team. He gladly accepted, and his family enthusiastically supported the extracurricular activity.

At the age of nine, Kyle experienced a nearby Cirque du Soleil performance and immediately knew what he wanted to do with his life..
As a twelve year old, he went to a Summer camp in Montreal, hosted by Cirque du Soleil.

At the age of fifteen, Kyle’s hard work began to pay off. He was enrolled into the National Circus School in Montreal. He was even more certain that the Circus was the place for him; it was his great escape.

Persistence rewarded Kyle in June of 2016, when he signed a contract into Ovo.

Kyle is enthusiastically embracing his time with Cirque du Soleil and plans to make the most of it. Always with an eye on the future, he wants to continue his art and take it as far as possible. He aspires not only to perfect his craft, but to make people feel, as true artists do.

Kyle Cragle: acrobat, enthusiast, family-oriented, driven, focused, unique, inspirational. vt

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