Lapse in Judgment

Victoria Toscano

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Taking a Detour

Do you ever have the gut feeling that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time? Do you ever feel your stomach churn as your fists clench, and your mind is screaming at you to leave? It is in a moment where everything seizes; it is in the moment where the reality is so vast and so true; it is in this moment that the truth comes out. Some people never experience this extreme gut feeling. One thing that is plausible to all of human nature is that every person has an important background.

I have not had the easiest of lives. I have struggled with staying close to my values, being slow to anger, and respecting the people who have done wrong to the people I hold closest. Even in my moments of weakness, I am still fighting for myself. I know who I am and the occasional lapses in judgment do not make me lesser of a person or someone to look down upon.
My name, Victoria, means victorious. In other words, I am courageous for braving through the storms that come to wreak havoc in my life. I am proud of the determination and perseverance that structures my heart. I am wise, able to help my friends and family when they reach their own storm.

A lot of others have had it worse than me. I was never thrown into a wall or hit in the face as a kid. I do not know the experience of breaking bones or living on the streets. I do know that some situations will never be fully understood by anyone. Life gets tough occasionally, and some cuts never restore completely. Functioning through the situations that seem impossible is important for one reason: you are essential.

Anxiety is something that society has taken into normality because everyone has it. This world is overflowing with deadlines, fatalities, poverty, and fighting. We, as a unit, have come to believe that our lives are defined by our accomplishments. The human race looks at hardships as a source of weakness, but very few choose to see them as triumphs.

I am a strong advocate believing that each trial is placed in the hands of a specific human for one purpose: to shape that person into who they are meant to be. Stand tall and proud! You have overcome so much already! Share your story with the world, and learn to thrive off of the overpoweringly new connection that it is possible to form with others. A lot of people spend so much time trying to conceal their own identities that it is easily forgotten that others have stories too. It is impossible to form the ideal connection with someone without knowing where the person’s foundation came from. What is your story and how has it shaped you into your current being?

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