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Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Laurie has lived in Colorado for just over 10 years and she is now a local, independent, newly published author. Laurie specializes in historical fiction – fictitious stories set in a historically accurate environment. Possibly influenced by her love of Stephen King, many of her stories take a dark turn.

As long as she can remember, Laurie has always been into telling stories, one way or another. A childhood friend recently told Laurie, “Thanks for making our childhood so scary!” Inevitably beginning with “What if …” she always found a way to enhance a sleepover or an innocent walk through the woods and single-handedly turn it into a memorable event.

Laurie has worked in radio and attended the Colorado Film school. She enjoyed the story telling aspect of sharing people’s stories on air, video production, being in front and behind the camera and script writing, but nothing compared to writing novels. She is able to let her own story flow in a way that feels best and natural to her.

Laurie at a recent book signing

Laurie’s latest novel is entitled “Dear Aunt Catherine.” Learn more about it below.

1852 A young orphan endures a perilous journey alone from Ireland to America and across the United States in search of her only remaining family – an estranged, rich uncle. However, once she finally arrives at her uncle’s mansion, the obsessive Master of the house forces her into a life of servitude and she must once more fight for her freedom.

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