Life is the Greatest Show

Beenie Mann

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We each play our main role and occasionally might slip into some of the other roles. Consciously or unconsciously. Of course, the more we are aware, the quicker we can adjust and possibly change. Awareness is the key to experience the life we want.

Some are support staff… They are the amazing people in the background nobody ever sees but without them, things wouldn’t be possible. They make sure everybody has what they need, put up the structure for the show. We all know them. They are the folks we know we can call when we need help to get things done.
Some are spectators… They are the ones watching the show. They simply react to what is happening around them. They are on the sidelines and their reactions are driven by what they experience. If it’s funny, they laugh. If it is sad, they cry. If it goes against their world view, they lash out. If it aligns with their views and beliefs, they cheer with the group. Either way, they react instinctively without thinking. They let the outside circumstance dictate their emotions and reactions.
Some are participants… They are the folks who bring the show to life. They show off their talents and put their best foot forward. The participants maneuver within their scope of expertise. They know what to do and when to do it. They put on the show for the spectator to watch and evoke a reaction. However, the participants are doing what and when they are told by the ringmaster. They stay within the given script and like a magician, only show us what they want us to see.
Some are ring masters… The ring masters direct the participants and tell the spectators what to expect. They have an overview of the whole program. They see the bigger picture and can change the order of things. They know what to do during unforeseen circumstances. They can change the order of show if necessary. The ringmasters are aware of what is going on around them so they can adjust ‘fire’ when needed.
Some are owners… The owner is in total control of the whole show. They are aware of what is happening. They have to direct the support staff, they know what reactions they want from the crowd, they put the show together, and create the program for the ringmaster. They are in charge of everybody and everything in the show. Each detail.
They are fully aware and in control. They also understand that in order to be able to do what they do, they need the whole team. They know how to control their emotions, their thoughts, their words, and their reactions.
Yes, they get frustrated, angry, happy, sad, etc. However, because they are fully aware, they won’t lash out. They will re-direct. They are in full control of their emotions and are aware of what they say and feel.

Everybody plays each role at some time or another. Sometimes just for a short while, sometimes longer. The spectator gets pulled into the arena to participate. The participants perform support duties and some of the support staff is also a performer. The ringmaster and the owner step in and do what needs to get done to make sure the show is a success.
All roles are important! They are ALL needed! Take a close look at your life. What is your main role? Are you support staff? Are you a spectator? Are you a participant? Are you a ring master? Are you an owner?

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