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Beneath the Surface

I want to take a two-week cruise, but I have work. I want to study a new language, but what if it’s hard for me to learn? I want to take a weekend trip with my spouse, but the kids need me.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you have so many things on your bucket list, but can’t get any of them done because you always come up with an obstacle that takes precedence?

It’s time to make a change. No matter how old you live to be, you’ll soon realize life is very short.  Yes, there are things that absolutely MUST get done, but it’s okay to sometimes indulge in those things you want to do.

Before my grandmother passed away, she told me she always wished she and my grandfather had taken my mom, aunt, and uncles on an RV trip across the country when they were children. Decades after wanting to do this, she still harbored an unfulfilled desire. Unfortunately for her, the result of not satisfying this want, was regret.
Don’t let regret be the end of your story.

Write a list of 3 places you’ve always wanted to go or things you’ve wanted to do. Start with item 1. If you do not currently have the financial resources to make this a reality, create a fund specifically for this escapade. Save a little here and there. Instead of having lunch at that downtown bistro, eat lunch at home, and put that money towards your goal. Once you’ve saved enough, don’t think of the ifs ands, or buts, just do it! Then, start saving for adventure number 2.

You are not promised another breath. All you have is this moment. Use it wisely!

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