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Wanting to be held in high esteem is a perfectly reasonable desire that I am guessing most of us can understand.  It’s natural to want the respect and admiration of those around us, particularly those who are close to us.  The problem with esteem is it can become a driving force in our life.

When we start pursuing admiration and respect, we need to make sure the actions we are taking are in alignment with our dreams, values and goals.  It’s so easy to start looking for the esteem of others to validate our dreams and desires rather than letting people respect and admire us for who we truly are.

When we are living in true alignment with our talents, gifts and passions we are living authentic lives.  When we do that, we will naturally attract people who respect and admire who we are and what we are doing.

How would your life be different if you were living a truly authentic life?  How would you feel?  Who would support you?  In a world where we want to fit in, it’s okay to stand-out, or in my words, be dumb, dangerous and different.

Lora Freeman, Coach & Speaker, www.lorafreeman.com

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