Lora Higgins – Dumb, Dangerous, and Different

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Are you smart, safe, and similar? If you are, you may want to ask whose life you’re living, because it may not be yours.

Take heed to what Lora Higgins has to share. Lora is a speaker, coach and consultant. Her mission is to inspire others, transform lives, and empower change. She hopes that through her speaking and coaching she’ll help people realize their dreams by really getting clear on what their talents and gifts are.

She is a firm believer that we all have talents and gifts that, when used, can actually make the world a better place.

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we forget about the impact we can have. Her job as a speaker and coach is to remind and encourage people to get back in touch with those things that make them unique and powerful.

Lora’s path began in a unique way. She proudly served as an Air Force officer and had a series of other jobs that didn’t quite align with her. Through some self-discovery she realized that she wasn’t living an authentic life that was true to who she was. After some soul searching and a series of fortunate events, she came to realize that public speaking and coaching were among her talents and gifts and where her true passion lies.

She started her company, initially just to help other people figure out what they wanted to do with their lives, similar to the process she went through. She began speaking to small groups about tiny house living. In the process, she realized that she was passionate about helping people uncover their dreams and really pursue life with their entire being. A great example, that if you don’t know what you want to do, just do something – you’ll be amazed at what will be revealed to you. You may discover what you really want to do or what your really don’t want to do. Either way you are further down the path than if you did nothing at all.

Tiny house living was one passion that led to another. She downsized about three years ago, which was unconventional at the time. She started speaking to others who were interested in making a similar transition to simplify their lives. In this process, she realized that what she was more passionate about was helping people discover their own “Ah Ha” moment. She helps people do an inventory on their life to discover what their excited about, what they really want to do with life, what they’re good at and what they’re gifted to do. Once the inventory is complete she then helps them take the idea of the dream and turn it into something which they can actually accomplish.

Lora finds that many people may have ideas about what they want to do, but they are easily dissuaded. Sometimes the discouragement comes from within, “that’s a dumb idea,” “you can’t do that,” “no one else is doing that, and shouldn’t either.” Sound familiar? We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to getting out there and doing something different.

Lora encourages people to think about the smaller steps of a process instead of focusing on the end goal, which can be a huge step and a major change. She wants her clients to think about the one thing they can do today to move closer to the goal. They need to keep in mind that not every step, while good intentioned, will move them in the direction they desire. It’s all part of the journey. You’ll meet new people, make new connections and you may even find a new path. In the end, it’s about living your authentic life and sometimes that may require a few adjustments, here and there, as you discover who you really are.

So, quiet those voices in your head and create the life you were meant to live. Dare to do the dumb, be uncomfortable and get dangerous and always … be different!


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