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Hello, Malachi Thompson III here from Malachi Thompson & Company.  I am going to share my thoughts on the theme word RETREAT.  In today’s environment there is much talk about pursuing a competitive edge in your space. The constant need to always be on the path towards advancement. Well, I am going to tell you…it’s okay to Retreat. You can still win if you do.

Words are powerful especially when you know the meaning of them. With this in mind you might be curious about the meaning of the word I will be exploring. Well, here’s the basic meaning of the word.

It means to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place.  You might think to yourself how does this apply to me.

Well, this is a great question. Let’s explore how it could and should apply to your life.

You see, you’re always doing, whether that is for your spouse, your children, your employer, or your team. Your time is being demanded day in and day out. You’re always moving forward…or so you think.

In reality, you are not really enjoying the highest level of success because you are too focused on doing and not being. We’re call human beings for a reason….but too many times we do not take the time out for ourselves…just to be present in the moment.

Many times we make worthless excuses for not taking time for ourselves. One of top excuses is I don’t have the time. Truth be told, you have the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet.  Your priorities are not in order.  How you spend your time tells the story of what you value most.

So, here’s a challenge for you. It’s time for you to withdraw from all of the noise around you to quiet place so that you can think, meditate, and be mindful. Just imagine if you could retreat for one hour per day whether in the morning before the race begins or at the end of your demanding day. What might you be able to accomplish? In other words, what would this do for your performance? Let me answer for you….it would raise your performance level significantly.

If you constantly practice this, your level of awareness will be off the charts allowing you to achieve levels that most are only able to dream about. You will be able to break your bad habits and gain victory over your personal anxieties. The best thing about it is you will no longer be living your life on autopilot.  Take charge of your destiny, move out, and retreat.

Malachi Thompson, Performance Coach,

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