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Daniel Beasley – Life in a Mellow Dee

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Creative Spotlight 

Singing in choirs and making noise with his Muppets drum set, Daniel Beasley (AKA “DJ Mellow Dee, The Soloist”), has been on the long hard road to success since the age of six.

Daniel has worked in the medical field and been deployed multiple times in his military career, but music has always been at his core and has helped him through many difficult situations. Daniel said has been able to, “… make a living doing what I love to do. Doing something in music and get paid for it. My first check doing music was the best check ever, because it’s where my heart is!”
Singing is his focus, but Daniel has a true love of all forms of music: listen, creating, playing and everything surrounding it. DJing is a way for him to do something in music and help others have a good time through the joy of music. He feels that, in a world where there are many things that can bring you down, music is one of those things that can lift people’s spirits. He uses his ability to shine a bright light and help illuminate joy into the lives of others.

Daniel’s first album, “Life in a Mellow Dee,” is now available. It’s a culmination of years of experience and hard work. One of the first things you’ll hear is “I don’t think you know me, but you’re about to!” His album is a way to introduce himself to a larger audience, but also emphasize, that for a while, he’s been the guy behind the scenes, lights, camera and action.
Daniel shares his beliefs, viewpoints and topics to uplift and teach. He doesn’t classify it as gospel, but what he calls “truth music.” You can expect harmonies (like Boys to Men or The Chi-lites) and rap; something very new for Daniel.

The journey in making the album began with transitions and inquiries. He stopped DJing at clubs and focused more on working and singing at weddings, birthday parties and events. Daniel lost his mother in 2010, and he wanted to honor the vision she had for her son and it was not the night club scene. She saw more for him in creating his own music and his own brand. As he started singing more often people began to ask him where they could buy his music. This further motivated him to achieve what his mother knew he could and should do.
Daniel wants to continue to teach and uplift with his music, but he also wants to mentor. He wants to share his experience with others in hopes that they too can gain encouragement and see that their dreams, with lots of hard work, are achievable.

Like his mother did for him, it often takes someone else to help us see all that we can do.

Get Daniel’s music HERE!

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