Mercurial Security Solutions – Increasing Awareness and Perceptions

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What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about security guards? Perhaps an infamous and incompetent mall cop on a two-wheeled scooter? Mercurial Security Solutions is on a mission to help us appreciate the value of visible security in our changing world.

A Woman-Owned company, Mercurial provides a full line of security resources. Their services range from manned guards to risk and vulnerability assessments. They also provide training for active shooter scenarios, workplace violence, conflict resolution, personal protection, and firearms.

Natascha (CEO) and Brent (COO) Modral are both originally from Europe and now proudly call the United States their home. When you speak to them about what they do and why the do it, the passion they have for serving others is evident. They both have extensive security experience from around the world and know first-hand the continual and eminent danger that terrorism presents to all of us. Brent says that “the sad thing and fact of the matter is that there are bad people who want to do bad things to good people on a daily basis.” They are passionate about helping people prepare for the terrorism threat that is already in the U.S. and what is possible to come.

So, what can we do? Natascha says that the first step is simply awareness. Frustratingly, even after an attack, people seem to easily fall back in to their normal routines and not being aware of the threat that still exists.  Natascha and Brent consistently encourage people to think outside of the box when they see something going on. What looks, at first glance, to be an accident may indeed be something much more. Have more of a survival mindset and do not be complacent.

Natascha further states that we “need to be aware that this our new way of living. We cannot change it right now. Take responsibility for your own safety … prevent something from happening to you and your own family.”

Reminds me of the acronym, SIPDE, I was taught when I was taking classes for motorcycle safety (okay, it was a scooter, but still). It stands for Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute … it’s a process that your brain can do almost instantaneously. It means being aware, looking for and solving potential problems. Solving problems is the root of creativity. Bet you didn’t think creativity could also save your life!

Now, back to security guards. Many of us see them as a nuisance and ineffective, at best. Natascha and Brent are actively striving to change our perceptions and allow us to see how visible security personnel can benefit us in our goal to remain as safe as possible.

In Colorado Springs, Mercurial Security Solutions is working with the business improvement district. In the 37 blocks of the downtown district, they have instituted bicycle patrols to give security more presence. Natascha and Brent are trying to bring a more progressive and customer service aspect to increase the reputation of security guards. The security personnel have been specifically trained to handle the issues of downtown Colorado Springs. They’ve received counter terrorism and conflict resolution training.

Their manned guard service bicycles patrol 5-days a week and so far, have received great responses from the general public. The bikes allow the guards to cover more ground and have a much quicker response time, if and when they are needed. The security teams also act as ambassadors for the city helping business owners, locals, and tourists alike.

The way Natascha and Brent are approaching downtown Colorado Springs is indicative of how they stand apart from other security firms. They do not apply cookie-cutter solutions. They understand that every situation is unique and that each client has a different set of expectations and needs. Mercurial Security Solutions is a great example in the application of creative thinking and problem solving applied with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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