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When I think of the beehive I think of the honeycombs and how they are connected. There are four pillars of Personal HorsePower that are all connected: leadership, communications, mentoring and followership. Let’s focus on mentoring.

By default, parents are the Leaders and Mentors of the family and depending on their Communication skills, that could be either a good or bad.

For example, when children see their parents holding hands, that’s good.

However, if parents drink alcohol in excess, that’s a negative mentoring experience.  Or if parents are yelling and fighting in front of the children, the children may assume that’s just another day in the marriage.  And let’s take it a step further: if there’s name calling or God forbid, any physical abuse or violence, the parents have just mentored their children on how to dispose of their marriage.  In fact, they have mentored their children on how to be bad parents and partners.

That’s why too many children grow up and have a “disposable marriage.”  They saw and learned from their parents and they think that’s the way marriage is supposed to be.

It doesn’t and shouldn’t be that way.  There’s a ton of techniques available to parents when it comes to Mentoring their children.  I’d love to share some of the ways to be better parents.

Please consider attending my Parenting Seminar on October 22nd, here in Colorado Springs.  You may contact me through my website at www.personalhorsepower.com…there’s a direct email link on each page.

I look forward to hearing from you; I’m Mike Lehnertz and remember, “Lead With Your Personal HorsePower.”  Thanks very much!

Mike Lehnertz, Leadership Coach, www.personalhorsepower.com

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