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Hi, I’m Mike Lehnertz from Personal HorsePower.  We’re sharing our thoughts on the subject of Esteem.  Simply stated, esteem is putting a high value or regard on someone or something.

Esteem stems from excelling professionally, possessing uncompromising Integrity, being a good Communicator, respecting others even when we may disagree on an issue…in short: someone with admirable Leadership traits.

One of the ways I assist my clients with Leadership and Communication issues is to find a good Mentor.  So how doe we find a Mentor?  The potential Mentor should be someone we hold in high esteem.  We should have the greatest respect for that person.  He or she should be the person we would most like to emulate or be like.

Esteem doesn’t just happen overnight.  It takes months, maybe years and perhaps a lifetime to acquire.  Again, that comes from treating others with mutual respect; being a good Leader who can make the tough decisions while remaining compassionate.  Someone who actively and patiently listens to others before weighing in with our opinion.

So go find that Mentor that you esteem or volunteer as a Mentor and assist someone that could benefit from your sage advice and expertise.  You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks very much.

Mike Lehnertz, Leadership Coach, www.personalhorsepower.com

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