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When I think of “transforming” someone, I think about “change.” How do we change someone?
First and foremost, we have to be good Leaders. One of the ways we prove our good Leadership is by Communicating very clearly and concisely.

So when the Leader issues a directive, a new policy, or wants to Communicate their message, they must do it so clearly that there is no room for a “mixed signal” or ambiguity.

Another way to foster change is through Mentoring. Again, the Mentor must be a good Communicator or risk a potential “mix-up.” Mentoring is simply a sharing of one’s expertise and/or experience. Typically, Mentoring is accomplished by the more senior person because they have more knowledge and experience. However, be open to “Reverse Mentoring” where the junior person is the Mentor due to a particular skill set that the more senior person may not possess.

By being a good Leader, Communicator and Mentor, one can transform their team of employees into loyal Followers and when that happens, productivity goes up and profits follow.
So invest in your team. Find a Coach or Consultant that can help you transform your employees into a cohesive team…and then standby for the positive and amazing results.
Thanks and remember, “Lead With Your Personal HorsePower.”

Mike Lehnertz, Leadership Coach, www.personalhorsepower.com

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