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Many times, during our lives, we need to retreat. Whether as professionals or in our personal lives, we need to go back, to get away, to re-engage, renew and reassess why we do what we do, or what we gave up in our day to day living.

Retreating is only a timeframe of what can happen and can be fully developed in every season of our lives. It is not a place to remain or to hide, but a space in time where the renewal and refreshing of the spirit takes place. When we go back to when we first started, we can begin to take stock of who we are, what we lost and why we do what we do. This is special place that helps us to restore our connections with the very essence of our hopes, dreams and aspirations while at the same time helping us to gain clarity of our very design in the things that we deem to be valuable or important.

Retreating should be a requirement to refuel the space of our greatest imaginations and streamline the passion that we had when we first began. You can gain a new perspective on an old vision and even learn to let go of the very things that are holding you hostage to past mistakes or dreams differed. Retreating is renewal in the greatest sense of our existence as spiritual beings in the crux of our human experience. We learn to connect more efficiently to our communities, families and our hearts.

Retreating is a life force for living. Let’s go!

Monica Badgett, Professional Development Strategist/Author/Life Changer

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