Nancy White: RETREAT

Nancy White

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Themed Thoughts

When I hear the word retreat, I go immediately to the noun. it conjures up peaceful thoughts for me. I have had many wonderful experiences with different groups with which I have served going on retreats where we have had the opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to the work we were doing, sometimes refocus, and find our way forward toward meeting our goals.  For me, retreat means I get to recharge my batteries to find the energy to move forward while building deeper relationships with those with whom I serve.

Alternately, if I think about the word retreat as a verb, it doesn’t give me the same warm fuzzy feeling. It is more negative. It signals failure to me, and failure, on first glance, is not something that I instinctively embrace.  But, perhaps the noun and the verb are not really that different. Retreating, due to failure, plus reflection and refocusing can all lead to positive forward motion.

Nancy White, Educator

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