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by Zachary Weller

“Imagine, and it shall be. There are no limits. “ -Evelyn Skye.

Imagine a time where you could go out and enjoy a drink with your friends. Play a round of cards, throw some cornhole, sing karaoke. Imagine a time that you went to your favorite brewery, enjoyed dinner from your favorite food truck, and sat at your favorite table watching that Colorado sunset over Pikes Peak.

For some, that has been over half a year ago.

In life we get curve balls, some we cannot even imagine happening. The year 2020 gave most of us one of those curve-balls, a worldwide pandemic. It changed our lives in many aspects. It changed how we work, how we are entertained, how we learn, and how we handle our day to day routines. It changed us socially and put limits on what we were allowed to do, where to go, and when. It changed us. It challenged us.

For Nano 108, the challenge started a little over a year ago. For myself, longer than that.

Imagine getting a job at a newly opened brewery. You are told that the sky is the limit with hard work and dedication. You find your groove and you fall in love with an industry you weren’t sure would be for you. You find a craft and a career. You try your hand at every position possible in this industry. Then imagine watching it all change for the worse. Hurdles and challenges you were not prepared for. Then having it all ripped out from underneath you.

Sometimes in life we get dealt a bad hand. But just because you are dealt a flopped draw does not mean you won’t end up winning. Skill, perception, will, and drive can change all of it.
Imagine being called up to take over the place you once loved. An opportunity to apply the changes you saw were needed, to accept the challenges presented by the industry, and to make your voice heard. It can be an overwhelming time in your career. Being thrust into a position you’ve imagined having for years, but without as much experience as you’d like, increased uncertainty and doubt. But in this industry, there is one thing that you must focus on to succeed, one thing that will make or break your business, one thing that I hold true above everything else. Service. It’s all about the customer.

Imagine being able to apply all the criticisms and suggestions received from customers over half a decade’s time, and begin to give them what they really want. To bring flavors and styles new to you and them. To bring an overall experience that they’ve been craving. Beer is the foundation, but it needs a supporting cast. It needs the right environment, the right staff, and the right motivation. Imagine finally getting the momentum started and then a pandemic hit, halting everything that you were working towards. Luckily for us, however, that stride hit just in time. The customers saw the change, tasted the difference, and were ready to support us through those tough times. And when those seats were able to be filled again, it was a new era. A new feeling. A new challenge.

Trying to please everyone is overwhelming, but if you accept the challenge the reward is worth it. We are not talking about medals and accolades either, we are talking happiness. Joy. The drive to be better every day. Imagine being happy at work. The feeling you get when you see your staff smiling, working hard, and having fun. Seeing the customers enjoying themselves, ready to see what you come up with next. Imagine everything becoming true.

Like beer, good things take time. Just keep imagining. Cheers. Visit the Nano 108 website.

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