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At the time of this publication the madness that these last three months has been will have ended. Hopefully, with some respite before another wave of holiday madness begins again. The periods of temporary relief between holidays are getting shorter and shorter. Next up is Valentine’s Day and the ads, posters and reminders will probably start before the Christmas decorations and New Years party hats have been stored for the next year. Due to all of the hoopla surrounding the traditional holidays, the meanings of the holidays are forgotten, if previously known, or if the meanings have been distorted.

For instance, some traditional holidays have pagan roots re-purposed by Christians. Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Christ even though some historians say that Christ was not even born in the winter. Winter solstice was celebrated with evergreen trees and mistletoe by pagans at that time. There was also a celebration to the sun god, Odin, who was a chubby guy with a long white beard and flowing cloths. Does that remind you of anyone? Ole Saint Nick.
Spring equinox celebrated the death of winter and the rebirth of spring. Our Easter or Resurrection Day commemorates the death of Christ and His Resurrection, according to historians, was designated at that time to replace the pagan celebration.
Elf on the Shelf is the cutest and most authentic tradition to emerge from all of this holiday madness.
My research is limited to Google, so it is not extensive at all. it is just a start of awareness for me to understand what I am are doing when I am tempted to celebrate by shopping and spending lots of money on myths or to follow the crowd and to be ready for the holidays.

As for me, trying to ascribe religious relevance to some holidays proves to be disingenuous because what I believed to be real may not be real after all and coming to grips with that. I loved the holidays and the commercialization of those special holidays robbed the joy that I used to feel. My answer to that is resistance and I do not shop for anything other than necessities during those times of heightened consumerism.
I believe that the persistent input to get ready for the holidays can contribute to stress and not to the joy that the holidays were meant to invoke. I intend to practice self-care in order to preserve my internal peace and joy by only doing what I want and need to do during this potentially stressful time. I intend to enjoy the company of family and friends and in spite of the hubbub that sometimes surrounds these holidays I hope that the child-like wonder of the holidays continues to exist.
Some of our family members celebrate January 2nd of each year because for us it signifies the short break before the madness starts all over again. Our celebration consists of wishing each other a “Happy January 2nd” without gifts, balloons, or dinners. Just a smile and a big sigh of gratitude that we made it through.

Happy January 2nd Creative Family!!

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