Respect It

Jay Billups

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Creative Notes

Do you respect yourself? I think that’s an easy question for most of us. Of course we do!

Hmm … do you respect your thoughts? Especially those that are different from the norm? While you will most likely, instinctively, say “Yes,” I’m going to disagree and say that most people do not.
Don’t believe it? Here’s a test. Ask someone (non-artist) if they are creative. Most times the answer will be “No.” Why is this? I think there are a few reasons.

First, most people see creativity as a physical manifestation – music, painting, sculpture, etc.

Second, creativity has a social financial stigma (e.g. the starving artist). Plenty of movies and media depict a less than excited response when someone declares they are going to follow their creative aspirations. I think you can see that we are simply not encouraged to think of creativity as a good thing so we shun it.

Here’s the disconnect, creativity does not only equal art, it’s just one path.

As I always say, creativity is a process and not an end product. It is problem solving and innately human. You have your own unique ability, but to use it to your best benefit you have to believe it, respect it and embrace it.

Next time someone asks you if you are creative, answer with confidence, “Yes, I am … we all are!” Let the conversation begin.

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