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The Existentialist

One of the unique gifts bestowed upon us humans is the gift of creativity. In various forms or ways we all have these abilities, it’s more a matter of discovering what they are and furthermore our desire to actualize them. Archaeologists have stated that the foundation of culture is the expression of the arts. It is interesting to think about what motivated some prehistoric man eons ago to pick up a bone and make a flute, or why some Neanderthal put a hole in a shell to most likely make a necklace? The list is quite extensive as to the many ways early man decorated caves, rocks, pottery, fibers, even their skin as expressions of their creativity….their culture. The real question is why? These artistic expressions were not necessary for survival, but perhaps something intrinsic within them driving the need for self expression, differentiation…distinction? While it is of great interest wondering what motivates us humans to be creative, for now let’s just accept the fact we all have some creative capabilities and focus on our journey of discovery and the creative process.

As it has been said, “our actions define us.” So fundamentally we must try and do things to discover who we are… or what we may like… or what best expresses us. Yes this does require us to think, to search, to act and yes, the willingness to try and sometimes fail. But when that form of artistic expression connects with us, we know it. There are no right or wrong answers or pursuits in these quests. This is just about each of us and our own journey to self-expression and self-fulfillment. Ever heard “nothing ventured, nothing gained?”. Within each of us lie various possibilities to be self-expressed. Unless we are willing to explore the world of possibilities and try various things, how would we ever discover our true potentials or that thing that really excites us, perhaps even defines us?

Critical to our journey is an open mind, being receptive, as well as being inquisitive. Hopefully with an open mind and eyes wide open, we discover that “thing” that resonates within each of us as well as that which initiates the creative process…the action part of creating. Fundamental to success of the creative process is our desire to accomplish and expectations to achieve. For the most part, the creative process may seem like an ongoing quest searching for a result yet undefined, but when the results are attained, it is known, it just seems right. Perhaps what may seem like it appeared in a flash actually is the result of the creative process only then culminating in that moment. In computer terms, the end of the calculations are done and the answer is…! It is never predictable as to when these ideas or creative thoughts may percolate to our conscious level, but as all who have experienced it know, it just happens. It is rather an amazing process, an amazing experience to creatively express something that is uniquely you whatever that may be. Unleash your inner creative being, let it run free…it might surprise you.

On a personal note, from my assorted interests, specifically archaeology and art, I have been captivated by the journey of man, the evolution of culture and more specifically the emergence of artistic expression. Predicated on this, I created Rendition Arts LLC; searching for and photographing prehistoric rock art designs (petroglyphs) and translating them into metal wall art. My desire to do something unique was realized and, serendipitously, all the pieces finally fit. I knew it at that flash of the moment, this was right. Trust your creative self, “Let the force be with you,” create.

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