She’s a little bit country. She’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll

Shelley Prissinotti

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I bought this piece from a guy named Jake. I saw it advertised and loved it, so I called him right away to inquire and we spoke about it for a few minutes.  He owns a bike repair shop in Denver and didn’t have the space for it anymore – I texted him the next day and what turned out to be the day after to reiterate my intentions.  I really wanted it, but wasn’t able to get up there till later in the week… would he hold it for me?  Turns out I wasn’t able to pick it up at all… and a week or two passed.  Fortunately for me, when I texted him again, apologizing for my absence..and, was it still available, he said yes.

I was really attracted to it’s Mid-century modern shape.  Jake (a cool, young dude with tattoos, a wild head of hair and a bushy beard) told Russ (who so kindly picked it up for meon his way home from work) that he had “painted it black a few years ago” as they worked together to load it into the truck.  The thing is heavy!!  Real wood – (4) sturdy 24″ wide drawers, two nicely divided 12″ drawers inside the doors and a built in shelf on each side.  In total it is 55″ x 18″ and stands 32-1/2″ tall.

It was, for sure, a hot mess… I let it hang out in the she-shop for a while to get used to it and let it tell me what it dreamed of being.  Finally I had an idea and just started sanding the heck out of it.  Wow!  That stuff was on to stay and as I burned through it, I started to like the look of the raw wood and the black, but I have fallen in love with blues this year – so I spread a little midnight blue on it.  As I searched through the shop cabinets I discovered my watercolor pencils and started digging through the tin…searching for different colors and ultimately using eighteen as I worked on my design for the fronts of the center drawers.  I always love nature in art, especially flowers, so I just opened a few doors in my memory bank and started drawing!

The piece is a combination of down home goodness with a touch of bling (crystal knobs on the two side doors)..  I call it, She’s a little bit country.  She’s a little bit rock n’ roll..

Yes, it’s for sale.  Please contact me to inquire.


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