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Robin Stephenson

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For Entrepreneurs

When I think of the word “transformation” it reminds me of the action figures my son used to play with as a child. With a twist here and a tuck there, the person or car is transformed into a robot or space alien that was clearly something very different than its original form. In thinking about personal transformation today, I wonder, do I really want to become something that so camouflages who I am, you can’t see me?

Sometimes, when we are anxious to change our world, we think we need to throw everything out and start over. Don’t do it! Life lessons are what helped shaped who we are today. Instead, just take inventory. What is it you do well? Dissect your actions a bit and see if you can find out why you are so successful in a particular area and replicate where possible.

Next, think about the things you really like to do, things that bring you joy. Incorporate as many of these actions into your daily life, work, or hobbies as you can.

Finally, take stock of what you don’t do well and what you don’t like to do. This is where real transformation of action can change who you are and what you do, dramatically. Ask yourself these three questions.

1) Do I really have to do this or can I delegate it to someone else?

2) Is there a better way of accomplishing this task than the way I’ve always done it? There is probably an app for that!

3) Is this an elephant I just need to eat one bit at a time?

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish; how much more productive you can be if you follow these simple principles. They may not transform your life, but they will help you become a better you!

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