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OneSource for Longevity Readiness (“OneSource”) is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping people enjoy the benefits of living longer through better education and more innovation. Research from the top educational institutions in the US has proven people live happier lives by; practicing healthier living behaviors, being more socially engaged and, building financial security. To learn more, visit

OneSource was formed in 2014, based upon personal life experiences of the founders. Unfortunately, everyone will likely face aging-related challenges. Whether that’s a love one, an individual situation, or both, being better prepared is the first step to living longer while living well. A key part of OneSource’s educational approach is to build Longevity Chapters that offer the experience of a diverse set of local experts to the community on a volunteer basis. OneSource established a chapter in Colorado Springs in early 2019 with Nick Naseman as the chapter leader.

Nick explains why he got involved with this cause, “I’ve been associated with non-profits providing financial literacy to the public for over ten years.

Ever wonder what it takes to live happily to 100+?

Before I became a financial professional, I watched as my parents went through the same situations. So, when I was invited to lead the establishment of a local chapter for OneSource, I jumped at the opportunity. Even a little bit of preparation saves significant time, effort, money and emotional stress. I’ve taken it upon myself to help other families prevent the very issues that nearly tore my family apart. If you want to breathe easier knowing you are better prepared, contact me at 719-650-9422 or to find out about our next educational event or stop by for a no-cost longevity readiness review.”

Bill Schloth, the CEO of OneSource said, “We are honored that Nick has agreed to contribute his time and experience. I encourage the community to use Nick and the other resources we have.” Mr. Schloth continued, “I’d also like to thank jbCM Magazine for helping bring awareness to our resources as well as their valuable contribution to the community.”

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