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Wise Words

That senior citizen, aka, old folk, who I criticize as a younger person…is suddenly me.

How did that happen? And I didn’t even see it coming.

I remember when it seemed to take a lifetime to reach the age of 18 not to mention the long long waits for Christmases that I thought would never ever come. Then finally here at last is the age of 21. Now I am legal. I had no idea what that meant, however, I was legally grown. No one could tell me anything because I was totally and legally and fully-grown. What a laugh. Being full-grown is a self-actualizing goal that I believe only a few people reach in a lifetime. We may be young in our heads when our heads says yes, however senior bodies may say no.

Seniors were, in my way of thinking, prior to being classified as a senior, people who I admired for their wisdom about lives long lived, strength and fortitude when overcoming adversities. And in some incidences as a class of people I felt sympathy because of illnesses and or infirmities that seem to require so much valuable time to manage. There were also feelings of pity for those in undesirable stations in life without the time and or opportunity to make meaningful changes for effective improvement

This truly snuck up on me. It seems as if one day I was full of activities being a wife, mother, and career woman. Busy, busy, busy with children to raise, functions to attend, without much thought or active planning for today because I never really thought that it would ever come. And here it is. The journey from there to here was gradual, of course, and sudden at the same time.
There are wonderful memories now that I have the time to reminisce. The great experiences and mistakes that I have encountered afford me the opportunity to share with those who will listen and respect my wisdom.

My wise words are to enjoy the heck out of today, because tomorrow is not promised, however, plan for tomorrow with out compromising today. Cultivate mental, physical and financial health. Financial health is listed last for a reason. Without mental and physical health, financial health is of limited significance.

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