Spring Blues

Victoria Toscano

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Taking a Detour

Held together by the bridges of illusion, we wait patiently. His silhouette cocoon sits sturdily on a green leaf. Mine is adhered a course, dark, brown branch.

He is the most glorious creature, and always has been. His colors of emerald and ruby complement one another, like dark chocolate and strawberries. His poise gives off a sense of supreme protection; together, we would have taken over the world.

He was a vivid imagination, as he is always talking about what it will feel like to be free. He desires to fly away, and he has been surrounded by his cocoon far longer than I. I am aware that it is not long before his first flight awaits, but his unique take on change gifts me with true enlightenment.

One day, we are looking upon the familiar landscape of pink flowers and tall grass. The sun shines among the apex of the sky, and he abruptly voices, “The fear of change is a fear of life. Change is everywhere, and life is about adapting to challenges.”

“Changing by challenge,” I whisper to myself, “what a marvelous concept.”

I always fear the unknown- What will occur when he leaves? What will happen once I break out of my cocoon? Will I ever be as happy as I am now? Will the difference in my independent lifestyle cause me to spiral into depression?

The sun soon outshines the rain, and he flies into a place I like to call oblivion. The boy, my only companion, flickers amidst the familiar landscape. He is beautiful: neon yellow accented by black linings. I will miss him, but it is time.

It is time to embrace the unknown, learn from the struggles, and understand the complete beauty of the world.

In time, I will fly away, piecing together my own story.

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