The Challenges of Life

Bobbie Billups

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Wise Words

A battlefield can be an area of contention, conflict, hostile opposition or a field of operation. I define a field of operation as a place where situations are identified, sorted and where plans are developed for resolutions and/or the ongoing management of the circumstance or series of circumstances at any given moment. I view life this way. I prefer defining the challenges of life as fields of operations. Battles can be conflicts or struggles. However, they are not necessarily negative.

That pop that you heard was my mind opening up to the possible directions for the battlefields in life. Well, maybe I am the only one who heard the pop, however, it was a resounding noise.

When I was asked to participate, in a material way, in this Creative Magazine, my first challenge was to deny my original impulse to respond by saying “oh no not me”. My last essay type article was written when I wrote a college paper that was returned to me with so many red correction marks that I almost could not identify my own writing under the red marks. I passed the course, barely, and promised myself that it would be my last written piece of anything.

My next challenge, as it pertains to this request, was to accept this opportunity with alacrity and overcome that stumbling block of uncertainty in my ability to write. Knowing that there are very high standards to be fulfilled to be a small part of this incredible Creative movement did not do much to ease my anxieties. I accepted anyway. Thank you for the opportunity, Jay.

The third challenge example is an ongoing process of living purposely and gratefully in the present in whatever I do. From the time my eyes open when I wake to closing my eyes to sleep and I strive to be in the moment for the myriad of activities that fall between those times.

Some may say that this is an intense way to live, and it could be, if carried to the extreme. Relax, take vacations, read books, enjoy where you are, look around smell the roses, however, do it with appreciation and awareness. I choose to be a willing participant and not a stranger in my own life.

I love T.D. Jakes’ advice not to dwell on what you do not have and live in the present to enhance what remains. Living purposefully in the moment requires a certain degree of spontaneity to move with the present flow. Oh no! Another challenge. Which is not to live in the past or in future projections of what your life will be. Learn from the past and plan for the future then return to the present to enjoy your life on purpose.

Purposeful living with awareness can be a time-saver, also. Instead the precious time consuming activities of looking for lost eyeglasses, keys, files and devices, to name a few, are minimized because of being more deliberate and not so random and absent minded in actions.

My take away is to be aware of life’s series of ongoing challenges and accept that fact and take joy in the pleasure of accepting, meeting and or exceeding expectations of those calls to battle with cheerful readiness, promptness and willingness.

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