The Rise of Rise

Bobbie Billups

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Wise Words

In 2017 it seemed to me that “rise” was the mantra for the year. “Rise” would be heard in commercials, songs, poetry, web site addresses, films, and gospel music. “I’ll rise up.” “And still I rise.” and “When I rise.” Just to name a few. I have heard that word used often in many different phrases, however, the meanings were the same. To move from lower levels to a higher levels, in some form or fashion.

“Rise,” prompted me to think of a young family member who decided to pursue a dream career.  No big deal. That is what is expected of young adults. Those expectations may take on a different meaning when you are the youngest sibling. Sometimes it is a role that the youngest sibling adopts or is assigned in the family hierarchy that shapes life decisions. If the youngest sibling feels that they are less important than their older and perceived smarter sibling they may not be able to express their own desires as being important or valid. This may hamstring them in moving forward with creative ideas and special desires that are not in-line with older siblings.

It may be difficult to break out and express their individual desires and to be adventuresome. It could be tempting to use these circumstances to hide in that comfortable situation. There is the other side of the equation to decide to move forward in spite of some of these birth order experiences.  These experiences are not necessarily negative and there are advantages to being the last born.

While some of the same experiences that may hold people back may inspire others to rise up and prove their worth to themselves. The position in the family hierarchy does not determine destiny.

This young man followed his dream and is now on his way to a very promising career. If he needs to make course corrections in the future, and because of negative and positive experiences in the family hierarchy, he will have the courage to do so.

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