The Type A Stress Factor

Tracy Gowler

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I’ve been spending a lot of time with this topic lately. In my own health journey, it has played such a big role and it isn’t being talked about a lot. I mean we talk about stress and how it contributes but none of us women really stop long enough to pay attention.

Type A women are driven, career oriented, family focused, moving at the speed of light in everything they do, never stopping or slowing down to give their body a well-deserved break. They don’t know how to. What they don’t really understand is that this type of existence is stress, big stress. That it does greatly impact the development of dysfunction in the body. It contributes to the breakdown of tissues and organs in the body. Symptoms will develop that they will ignore, because the symptoms don’t fit the lifestyle and they are unable to slow down to address what is happening. Next thing they know, they come to a complete halt. They are sick. It is impacting their career and their families. All their hard work becomes worthless. Their lives are completely overturned in what feels like a nanosecond. The reality is the dysfunction has been happening for quite a while. They just ignored the signs.

If you are a Type A and you are ignoring the signs, it is time to stop and pay attention. Your lifestyle needs an overhaul. You need some proactive stress management that actually works like TRE or meditation. And your diet should be shifted to support you, not add to the stress. Paleo is the best way to give your body what it needs for nutrients. Your body requires at least 8 hours of sleep every night to complete the functions that happen at night. Every night. And exercise is not in that crazed fashion that feeds your soul. No, deliberate movement like yoga or tai chi with some lean muscle building and small bouts of cardio is best. You don’t have to be a marathon runner or a body builder unless that is your goal. And slow it down, take some time for mindless activities like silly romance novels or some Netflix TV. Not the documentaries, something that is mindless but maybe entertaining.

Just understand that you will pay if you keep driving your body at a pace that it can’t sustain. Making small shifts can make a huge difference in your ability to have it all.

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