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Thomas Dawson Jr. is a music producer and film composer. Specifically he does television music, scoring for film, and post-production for television and film, which includes all of the sound design, and sound effects. Thomas plays piano, bass, and trumpet. To top all of that off, 2021 marks his 30th year as the music director for the world famous group, The Commodores! Definitely an all-encompassing array of skills and talents.

When asked what started him on his journey through music, Thomas says he feels he was born with the music in him. It was something he knew he was going to do. His mother said that, as a toddler, music was the only thing that could interrupted his havoc and make him focus.

Thomas is not one to rest on his laurels, he’s continually learning and looking into the future of sound. With the advent of virtual reality (VR) video and immersive experiences, music and sound are right there with it as Dolby Atmos. The Atmos system allows engineers to place sound anywhere in 3D space … a butterfly fluttering just in front of your face, a dog at your heals or a massive explosion behind you to your left. Thomas has been waiting for this ability for years and now he has what he needs to create sound and music that can match what people experience with VR video.
In Thomas’ new phase of life he’s moving from music production into becoming a movie producer. He’s now part of a production company, Manns Mackie Studios (, out of Georgia. Their first film, “My Brother’s Keeper” is set to release in March of 2021. They have three other films under contract and in production right now. Not only Thomas one of the film producers he is also supervising music scoring.

Thomas Dawson in the studio scoring music for an upcoming movie

You’re probably thinking that these are impressive achievements and contributions, and you’re right. However, there is still another layer of Thomas which involves the study of treating different medical conditions with resonant frequencies. Thomas states that, “We know that every single thing in the universe is vibrating. Everything in the universe has a resonant frequency. Every cell in our bodies has its own resonant frequency. So, we can excite the resonant frequency of a cancer cell. And it will destroy that cancer cell.” Wow!

Thomas goes on to state that in musical terms, “… we speak of that as in harmony. Our bodies are designed to speak to itself in harmony. Our organs are talking to each other through the frequencies in our bodies. They are in harmony with each other. When we get out of line, our bodies are getting out of harmony.”

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