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Creative Spotlight

Tivoni Brundage is a twenty-five year old active duty soldier, an artist and a mother. Her passion revolves include being able to creatively express herself and help others express themselves through art.

jbCM: How would you describe your particular style of art?
Tivoni: My type of art is portraits, I like to be able to capture moments for people where they have old photos of their family members that they lost and I’m able to bring that back and just give them like some kind of closure or just something that opens up something in them. My latest thing has been being able to make a story out of my art, so that it is not just an art piece when they see it it’s an experience … it’s something that they get to feel and just really relate to, other than just feel like “oh that’s a really pretty picture,” it’s actually much more than that.

jbCM: How do you get the stories for your portraits?
Tivoni: Honestly for me, it’s my personal experience. In my coming artwork I listen to a song, the particular music or genre doesn’t matter, I translate images from that song into my art. For instance, I am incorporating the moon and the stars into my artwork right now, it means a lot to me, it’s kind of like a relationship with God. It allows me to have a relationship with God, not in the traditional way, but in my own way. It gives me a way to connect with my higher self or my higher being and it allows other people to do the same.
jbCM: How did you get into doing this type of art?
Tivoni: Literally, I just picked it up one day and I started doing it. After a while, I realized I was pretty good at it. I’ve been drawing since I was 7 years old, so it’s always been a part of me.

jbCM: What is your preferred medium?
Tivoni: My preferred medium right now is oil. Oil painting, that’s the thing that just gives me the most relief and the most happiness, but I’ve been drawing my whole life.
jbCM: What do you mean by relief?
Tivoni: Being able to take all that frustration and whatever it is that I’m feeling or if it’s feeling alone or whatever the case might be, I’m able to put that on a canvas and let the world see it. It just gives me an outlet to express myself and let things go.
jbCM: What are you working on now?
Tivoni: Currently, I’m working on a piece, I don’t have a name for it yet, but I’m calling it the mix-tape or the Tivoni mix-tape. It will be a series of different pieces that will have a song along with it. When you look at the piece and listen to the song, my art will tell you the story. It will give you a chance to connect in the way I do, in a way that you never thought you could.
jbCM: When someone looks at your art for the first time what do you hope that they feel?
Tivoni: I hope that they feel connected, whether it be a piece about trials and tribulations or temptations or self-doubt. I hope they look at it with a question in their mind and my art creates the answer. jbCM

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