To Audition

Jay Billups

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Battlefield – jbCM Editorial – The Internal Struggle

The first step is the hardest one to take. True in any situation. I frequently find myself on the front line: auditions.

How can I even start when I don’t know what to expect? But, if I really want the role, if I really want that victory, the only way to succeed is to fight. And so, the battle commences. I strategize and navigate my way through a cold read. I quickly become the stranger living only on the pages set out before me. This outlander is my foe, what I fear most … she is obscure and alien.

Nervous beyond measure, I am prepared. My faces are on short tether, ready to draw upon at moment’s notice. Whether victorious or not, I always emerge a winner. I walk away with the most valuable prize; experience.

My comprehension grows and my faces multiply. I’m ready for the next conflict … Bring It!

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