Today is FULL of Possible

Shelley Prissinotti

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Poco a Poco

I could hear some darn dog barking in the neighborhood as I was working out in the garage one weekend afternoon. Enjoying the light breeze and bright blue, sunny skies, I decided to take a break from the project I was working on to see where he was and what he was excited about! As I was looking out the open door to the backyard, I happened to notice this little ant. As crazy as it sounds, I forgot all about the dog and watched this little guy for a minute or three as he carried a little bug while climbing the door jam vertically. I watched him as he wandered about in his travels… kinda going in a straight line… but, not really. He wasn’t bothered by the barking dog.. the weight of his treasure was his focus and it must have been mighty, I thought, because that was all he was concentrating on. I loved his determination! I got to wondering… who would he be sharing his treasure with and how would they celebrate his success when he arrived?

We’ve had these crazy kamikaze bugs lately, too – no idea what they’re really called, but they’re a dark reddish brown color, larger than my thumbnail, as thick as my pinky & always on the go! They come out of nowhere… diving toward you like a heavy, cumbersome B-52 bomber. These unusual beasts definitely entertain us as they scurry across the floor in a punch drunk sort of way… rev up their engines, open their translucent wings, fly for a fraction of a second or two and, ultimately crash to the ground once again! What I love about watching these little guys is that I know that they’ll try again…

My boys were really good at wrestling through their middle and high school days. In fact, they both competed at the State level, but it wasn’t easy. For my older son, the sport came to him quite naturally. He earned the Big Dog award that first year he started and just kept on going! For his younger brother, the story was undeniably different. Despite being coached by a lot of different people alongside practice, practice, practice, there was just something missing. He tried – and lost – every single match he entered for two solid years! The amazing thing was that the Kid just wouldn’t give up! I loved his grit!! Losing would NOT beat him – failure was not his permanent condition…it actually became his stepping stone to success! His fierce determination and steadfast optimism ultimately made him a winner in ways most of us will never realize! His insistence to keep going, weekend after weekend (after weekend!) eventually resulted in victory!!

I’ve always figured that practice is a great learning tool… your effort can and will equal your reward! You can’t win if you don’t try, right? Without action nothing will happen… no one will act on your behalf, either… you are the only one who can push you to the finish line. Whether or not you are winning, just keep stepping forward… do NOT give up the fight! Always remember that today is definitely full of possible!

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