Juliet Miles

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Fikiria Kuamini Unda

This is Julia’s story:
-Everyone experiences some type of depression throughout their life; however, for me, it was different. I have been battling depression and anxiety, as well as other mental illnesses, for my entire life. Around the age of five or six is when I have my earliest memory of being depressed. When I was a sophomore in high school, everything got a lot worse. I was dealing with family issues, as well as getting verbally and physically bullied every day at school. To say I was at my lowest is an understatement and the daily pain of dealing with what was going on in my head took its toll. Things did not get better for a while, but they eventually did. There are so many little beauties in the world that make everyday life worth living. Life does get better the more you live. There is no reason to give up because life is simply beautiful. Helping others is one way I have dealt with my issues, that smile you give others is what I live for. Nothing makes me happier than that smile, which is why I want to turn my life issues into a way to help others. I have turned what I thought was the worse aspect of my life into something beautiful. There is always hope and I know no matter how low I get, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Photographer: Juliet Miles
Model: Julia Chase
Makeup & Hair: Adelia Adam
Photo Assistant: Sabine Baier

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