When It’s Pouring

Alexis Homes

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Standing in The Dark

Does anyone honestly know what it is like to be an outsider? More specifically, do you know what it is like to be subconsciously judged by anyone and everyone you come into contact with? Well, if you are a person who is differently abled, then the answer to both of these questions is yes. However, to understand why the answer is yes to both of these questions, people have to comprehend how society affects how others see those around them.

Society promotes an ideal person through TV, social media, and through the fairy tales presented to kids as they grow up. By society’s standards, the ideal perfect person is someone who has no imperfections, long legs, straight teeth, an angel-like voice, and bouncy hair. Very few people fit this standard of “beauty.” With that being said, it is peculiar that strangers judge others based on a measure that they themselves are never going to meet.

With this mentality, it is almost as though society puts individuals outside after the sun goes down in the pouring rain, and they refuse to go inside because someone told them to stay there and not to move. Being a differently abled person makes it ten times harder to go back inside. There is always a lightning bolt coming inches away from your face flashing,” It is okay if you give up.” Or “You are so strong, stronger than me.” Being told these things makes those who have different abilities feel that they are not trying hard enough to make it through the storm. By feeling this way, they have no choice; they have to stay outside and get poured on in the black and gloomy world around them because they would be considered a sub-par human being.

Being struck by the lightning bolt of standards is difficult for a differently abled person because they know they will never mold themselves into what is considered beautiful. And those bolts that hit a person leave deep craters in a person’s soul. It might heal on the surface, but it will always reemerge the next time there is a storm with no light in sight. Yet, each time they reemerge as a differently abled person, that individual will not see their difference as what makes them beautiful, but what makes them as ugly and not desirable by those around them.

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