Wisdom or Experience

Juliet Miles

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Fikiria Kuamini Unda

My life has been like passing through one of two doors depending on what decisions or actions I made and the consequences that resulted from them.

The doors: Wisdom or Experience.

If I took advice from my parents, elders or those experienced in life then I did well and did not suffer needless consequences. That was like hiking on a well-marked path in broad daylight. If I made decisions independent of advice or thought I knew what I was doing I sometimes stumbled. This was like trying to hike on a narrow path on a moonless night without a flashlight.

I still made headway regardless of the door I took, just that the path through one door took much longer than the other.

Photographer: Juliet Miles
Model: Harmony Neiman
Photo Assistants: Vincent Miles & Courtney Meyer

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