Your Thoughts Have Wings

Adelina Srinivasan

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We are constantly being reminded that we are the masters of our own life and only we alone can give it direction. Who are we, though? Are we just a body of flesh that tends to its needs from dawn to dusk or are we governed by something more abstract, unseen? Is there anything predestined on our plate or someone of higher rank out there is controlling the events in our lives?

When we reflect upon events that have already happened in our lives, we come to the realization that these events are often the result of well-orchestrated plans that happened at a cognitive level.
It turns out, everything stems from our thoughts. Think it and it will happen. Not by some sort of magic wand magic, but by visualizing it and living it. Everything around us was once a thought, someone’s idea, as we may call it.

Combined with our emotions, our thoughts mold and shape our life on its physical, financial, spiritual level. Like attracts like, so it’s imperative that we choose what kind of thoughts we entertain. If a particular thought doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. You can decide how to shape the course of your life right now, and that’s in the thoughts that are playing in your mind. You don’t have to control them, but pay attention to their common stream you are having.

Is it a negative one? A positive one? Does it make you happy? Or does it throw you in a negative cycle. Once you are aware of your predominate thoughts, you can replace it with the ones that you want to work for you, because they are energy, a force, a frequency. While it is difficult to cover such a deep subject in a page, I do hope that at least it was enough to intrigue you.

I invite you to read more on the subject in Deepak Chopra’s “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters”. Another book I highly recommend is Kip Kolson’s “You Can Have It All; Wealth, Wisdom, and Purpose: Strategies for Creating a Lasting Legacy and Strong Family.

Give it a thought.
Grab your wings.

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