Meeting Talented People

Jay Billups

When I travel for the magazine one of the best things I get to do is meet motivated, inspiring, and talented people. Andréa Agosto is no exception – she is all three rolled up into one!

In preparation for launching the magazine in my home town of Chula Vista CA, I’m on the lookout for artists, educators and entrepreneurs to feature in or contribute to the current and future issues. I had the privilege of meeting  Andréa over coffee.

While there are many talented people, not all have the motivation it takes to make a living with their craft. Definitely not the case with Andréa, I was impressed with her passion and her drive to succeed.

Stay tuned – you’ll see  Andréa featured in the magazine and you may even see her art in the new online store. In the meantime (and always), please support this awesome artist!

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