Re-issue of “Beehive” … 25k copies

jbCM Magazine

We’re getting ready to re-issue the “Beehive” issue for its second run. This run of the magazine will be 25,000 copies and it will be mailed directly to homes in Colorado Springs, CO.

The mailed version will be relatively the same format with some art and content changes, along with a few more pages for sponsors/ads.

We’re looking for the following to add to this issue:

  • Feature on a local beekeeper (if you know of one please send them our way).
  • Feature on a local artist (again, suggestions welcome).
  • 6 individuals for the Themed Thoughts center feature. See an example HERE.
  • An educator, artist, and an entrepreneur to write a short helpful article. Click on the links for examples.

We’re also looking for sponsors and businesses/organizations who’d like to advertise. Full page ads are as low as $0.10 (ten cents) per household. Contact Us.

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