Sparks Gallery – Art Collaboration

jbCM Magazine

We’re happy to announce that jbCM Magazine and Sparks Gallery (San Diego) are collaborating in future issues.

Sparks Gallery will receive a page in the magazine to promote the gallery AND they will have a 1-2 page feature for an artist of their choosing. Sparks Gallery is committed to help knew artist gain exposure, make an impact,  and earn a living with their art. Learn more about Sparks Gallery HERE. Stay tuned and learn what type of reward you’ll receive by bringing the magazine to the gallery!

We are looking for a Colorado Springs gallery with a similar mission to feature in jbCM Magazine. Please send your suggestions to There is NO COST to the gallery or the artists featured.

Future issues of jbCM Magazine will feature content from both Colorado Springs and San Diego. Another way to gain more exposure from entrepreneurs, artists, and educators from both cities. We’ll add more cities as the magazine grows.

Learn about Sparks Gallery


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